what is california prop 65?

Nutiva is proud of and committed to maintaining the highest standards in our products.

As such, we wanted to address heavy metals and protein powders upon the recent report released by the Clean Label Project.

At Nutiva the trust and safety of our consumers is our highest priority and because of this, we are committed to maintaining full transparency with you.

What is California Prop 65?

We’re proud that our products are made with only real, organic whole food plant-based ingredients. At Nutiva, we make every effort to exceed quality, food-safety, and USDA and NOP Organic standards. Our Organic Hemp Protein powder is raw and has always been cold processed. No chemicals, artificial or synthetic ingredients, or additives are used in the processing of our Organic Hemp Protein powders and Organic Plant Protein Superfood Smoothies.

Plants absorb naturally occurring minerals from the soil which can be reflected in the final product.

As the world’s leading certified-organic hemp brand, we source our hemp from dozens of Canada’s organic farmers, whose crops comprise more than ten thousand acres of Canadian farmland. In a polluted world, all food companies must be diligent about how ingredients are sourced.

California’s Proposition 65 (Prop 65) has very strict limits for trace heavy metals.

It is possible that Nutiva’s Organic Hemp Protein powders and Organic Plant Protein Superfood Smoothies may contain trace amounts of naturally occurring lead. In recent laboratory analysis of Nutiva’s Organic Hemp Proteins and Organic Plant Protein Superfood Smoothies confirmed the presence of the heavy metal, Lead, between 0.6 -0.8ug/serving.

These results are slightly above the CA Prop 65 limit of 0.5ug/day and 12-13 times lower than FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations) and WHO (World Health Organization) standards.

As a result, Nutiva is required to label its Organic Hemp Protein Powders and Organic Plant Protein Superfood Smoothies with the following statement:

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

This statement is intended for consumers to understand the transparency that Nutiva has between the product and the consumers, and should not be omitted on Nutiva’s Organic Hemp Protein Powders and Organic Plant Protein Superfood Smoothies. (For more information regarding CA Proposition 65, click HERE.)

Arsenic, Mercury, and Cadmium have the CA Prop 65 Safe Harbor Levels:

  • Cadmium: <4.1μg/day
  • Arsenic: <10μg/day
  • Mercury: <0.3μg/day

Each serving of Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder and Organic Plant Protein Superfood Smoothies is below the CA Prop 65 Safe Harbor Levels as listed above and do not exceed these levels per serving.

It should be noted that the Clean Label Project has come under heavy scrutiny following their report with legal actions pressing.

Nutiva ensures all of our products are safe, compliant, and meet with our own rigorous internal standards, as well as all government regulations.


Updates Regarding Δ9 -THC

California has added Δ9 -Tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9 -THC) to the Proposition 65 list, citing the compound is known to the state of California to cause reproductive toxicity1. Specifically, it was added to the Prop 65 list because exposure to this chemical during pregnancy may affect the development of the child.2 Δ9 -THC does not have a safe harbor level in place, meaning any detectable amount of the compound in a product requires a warning.

There are multiple forms of THC with the two most prevalent being Δ9 -THC and THCA. Δ9 -THC is the cannabinoid commonly known by the public as “THC”. THCA is another form of cannabinoid that can convert into Δ9 -THC through a process known as decarboxylation. These forms are part of total THC.

Nutiva tests for total THC in all our hemp seed products, including hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, and hemp seed protein. These minimally processed organic products are all verified to contain only trace amounts of Total THC (>10 ppm). Nutiva does not add THC to our hemp seed products. All hemp seed ingredients Nutiva uses are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) per the FDA.

Effective January 3, 2021 all products sold in California that contain Δ9 -THC are required to have a Prop 65 warning. As a result, Nutiva has added the following warning to products affected by the new regulation: WARNING: REPRODUCTIVE HARM – WWW.P65WARNINGS.CA.GOV/FOOD

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