top 15 fun facts about nutiva

Celebrating our 15th birthday has gotten us thinking about how far we’ve come. Did you know…

15) Our first superfood was hemp (way back in 1999).
14) We sued the United States DEA in 2002 to keep hemp foods legal.
13) We won 🙂
12) We sold our first jar of organic virgin coconut oil in 2003.
11) Through our 1% program, we’ve donated more than $2 million to support sustainable agriculture!
10) To help GMO labeling, we’ve supported Prop 37, I-522, and GMO Inside with almost $500,000.
9) In 2012, a gigantic rainstorm washed away our organic chia crop in Peru and Ecuador. But we bounced back.
8) Our fair trade red palm oil is super nutrient dense, with 240% DV of Vitamin A and 25% DV of Vitamin E.
7) We’re donating coconut trees to support small farmers in the Philippines with the goal of donating 100,000 trees.
6) We have an edible garden for our employees, where we grow kale, herbs, amazing strawberries, and more!
5) Our Founder & CEO, John W. Roulac often wears clothes made from hemp.
4) We are helping to plant organic fruit tree orchards in every public school in the city of Richmond, California (our hometown).
3) We’ve grown at a 61% annual rate since 2004… making us one of the fastest growing organic food brands in the world.
2) This suggests that you are as hungry for superfoods as we are….
1) Together, we will revolutionize the way the world eats!

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