Toast Tuesday Recipe Ideas

Ever heard the phrase, “greatest thing since sliced bread?” These Toast Tuesday recipe ideas really are the greatest thing since sliced bread.


#ToastTuesday is a real thing on Instagram. Do you follow it, too? We love it for many reasons, namely because our fans are the best in the world and always bring us along for their #ToastTuesday inspirations.


We picked our current 8 favorites to share with you today.

Toast Tuesday Recipe Ideas


pure green via @krisq23


something berry-hemp-licious via @healthy_deliciouss


mayo-free tuna salad toast via @feedthebitch


sprouted toast via @chickpeainthecity


loaded avocado toast via @danateekaf


“dated” toast via @milknhoneynutrition


salmon and organic buttery coconut oil bagel via @healthy_deliciouss


hummus’n garlicky kale via @fooduzzi


Do you like loaded toast? What does yours look like? Share with us in the comments below.


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