This 5-Day Fitness and Wellness Plan Will Jump Start Your New Year

This 5-Day Fitness and Wellness Plan Will Jump Start Your New Year, scout’s honor!

You’ve survived the holidays and a new year is here again! Feeling inspired for a fresh start? Try adding these simple, yet effective, ideas into your fitness and wellness plan to make your routine more dynamic.

This 5-Day Fitness and Wellness Plan Will Jump Start Your New Year

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day 1

WORKOUT – Squats, Sit Ups, and Push Ups

Start by doing 10 air squats, immediately followed by 10 sit ups, then knock out 10 push ups. Follow this sequence by starting back with 9 squats, 9 sit ups, 9 push ups, then 8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7… and so on until you’re finished with 1 rep of each movement.

WELLNESS – Squeeze fresh lemon into your water

Benefits of adding lemon to water are numerous and include enhancing immunity, decreasing inflammation, flushing toxins from the digestive tract, balancing pH levels in the body, and boosting energy and alertness.

Are you out of lemons? Use essential oils (that are safe to ingest). First, be sure the label reads “Essential Oil Supplement” then add a few drops to a large glass of water and start your day off with hydration. Keep a glass water bottle by your side during your day and enjoy the benefits of essential oil-infused water. DoTERRA and Young Living lemon essential oils are brands we like and both are safe for ingestion.


day 2

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WORKOUT – Find a yoga class, try a new studio you haven’t visited before, or download a yoga app on your phone for a 15, 30, or 60-minute class, or stretching sequence. Your quads, hamstrings and abs may need some stretching today after your workout yesterday. The Yoga Studio app has many different combinations of durations and sequences for beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level classes.

WELLNESS – Run yourself a hot bath with Epsom salt or find a sauna or steam room and relax, you deserve it. Self-care is a crucial component of body and mind rejuvenation.


day 3

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WORKOUT – Active recovery. Enjoy a long walk, try to be out moving for 30 minutes or more. If you are a little stiff from the last 2 days of activity, you can take it easier today. Elevate the heart rate and loosen up any tight muscles by using them to take a stroll on the beach or around your neighborhood. Cold outside? Consider a swim at your local indoor pool. Low impact exercise is great for an active rest day.

WELLNESS – Grab some Nutiva Coconut Oil from your kitchen, take about ½ a teaspoon and place it in the palm of your hands letting the coconut oil melt. Add in 2-4 drops of essential oils like lavender, wintergreen or peppermint oils, and rub over any tense or sore muscles. Avoid getting oils near the eyes or any other sensitive parts. Massaging the oil mixture across the shoulders, calves, quads, or lower back will help relax and soothe tired muscles.


day 4

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WORKOUT – Find some weights and lift! Start a new weightlifting regimen for the added benefit of building muscle to support your body system. Start with doing 5 reps of a movement and increase the weights you’ve been using each set. Complete 5 sets of increasing difficulty for a total of 5 sets of 5 reps, each set. One classic lift that can be performed with either a barbell or dumbbells is the shoulder press. With elbows slightly in front of the shoulders, press the weights over your head until arms are fully extended, then lower weights in the same controlled motion. Beginners to this movement may only need to increase weights by 5lbs. each set to experience a challenge. By the fifth set, the fifth rep should be somewhat difficult to execute.

WELLNESS – After an intensive workout, sports nutrition professionals highly recommend refueling the body with food and drink within thirty minutes of working out. Organic Hemp Protein is the perfect quick, on-the-go, food source to help support intake of essential amino acids, protein, fatty acids, and dietary fiber. In a blender bottle add 8oz of almond milk with 2-4 tbsp of Hemp Protein, shake and enjoy. A post-workout smoothie is also a great refuel. You can grab a smoothie for almost any preference and occasion HERE.

day 5

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WORKOUT – Interval running. Whether you workout inside at a gym, have a street in your neighborhood to run along, or have a track nearby, running intervals of varying distances and speeds help to burn calories and keep your regimen constantly varied. Try jogging 200 meters followed by sprinting 100 meters, then slowing just slightly to a run pace for an additional 100 meters. Walk 200-400 meters then repeat this sequence 4-6 times depending on your fitness and comfort level.

WELLNESS – Try winding down and heading for bed 30 minutes earlier than you normally do. Turn off all electronics, prepare your nighttime routine, and slip into bed for a restful night’s sleep. You’ve worked hard and cared for your body all week, it’s time to rest and recharge to assist in setting and achieving new goals next week. To help fall asleep faster, rub lavender essential oils on the bottoms of the feet before turning out the lights.

In order to maintain healthy body function, a regimen of stretching, whole food nutrition, relaxation, and plenty of sleep is crucial for sustained wellness. A dynamic, yet balanced routine will help to nurture vitality, reduce the risk of injury or illness, maintain stress levels, and support immune function.

Tell us in the comments below! Which of these fitness and wellness tips will you try in 2016?

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