palm done right

Palm Done Right (#PalmDoneRight) is an international campaign to raise consumer awareness about palm projects that make the world a better place.

Palm oil is everywhere. Half of the consumer goods in an average American household contain it as an ingredient, and the demand is still growing. You may have heard how destructive large palm plantations are on the environment, and even heard rumors about palm oil being an unhealthy fat.

 Palm Done Right

There’s more to the story, though.

Most palm oil comes from Southeast Asia and contributes to deforestation, habitat destruction, and human rights offenses. No doubt, this palm oil is bad news.

But, Nutiva Organic Unrefined Red Palm Oil is not like other palm oils. We are passionate about protecting the environment, animal habitats, and human rights. You can be sure our red palm oil is sustainable, organic, Non-GMO and that no orangutans are harmed.

We partner with Natural Habitats to ensure that no deforestation or habitat destruction results from the growing or harvesting process. Natural Habitats Group is a palm oil growing and processing company based out of the Netherlands with operations in Ecuador, Sierra Leone and Ghana that is committed to “doing palm right.”

Nutiva Red Palm Oil is:

  • Grown on small organic family farms in Ecuador
  • Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO Verified
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Orangutan-Safe & Habitat-Friendly

    Nutiva Organic Unrefined Red Palm Oil has a rich buttery flavor and is high in antioxidant vitamins A & E. It is ideal for soups, sauces and sautes.

    Download our free eBook “17 Ways to Use Organic Unrefined Red Palm Oilhere and check out these 17 other simple ways to use Red Palm Oil.

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