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We recently created the Nutiva Foundation to strengthen the capabilities and permanence of Nutiva’s philanthropic pursuits.

We are excited about this development because it gives us the opportunity to support initiatives that we are passionate about and contribute in a meaningful way. The Nutiva Foundation seeks to advance healthy communities and ecologically sustainable agriculture by supporting non-profits, conferences, and films related to four areas of focus:

  • Sustainable Farming
  • Food & Environmental Activism
  • Trees & Gardens
  • Healthy Communities


The efforts of the Nutiva Foundation are an extension of Nutiva’s mission to Revolutionize the Way the World Eats. Two projects we have supported that address a better way to eat include: the documentary GMO OMG and the planting of urban gardens by Urban Tilth.


the film gmo omg investigates the industrial food system

Director Jeremy Seifert explores how genetically modified organisms affect the health of the planet, seed diversity, and our freedom of choice. Like many Americans, Seifert is in search of answers about our food system, such as how it has changed and what it means for the health of people and planet. Seifert brings his wife and two young boys with him on his journey to discover the truth. Watch the trailer here.

In one scene, Seifert grapples with his sons’ desires for GMO ice cream as he is trying to change how his family eats. It is Seifert’s candor that makes this film the perfect avenue for educating Americans about GMOs. Giving up certain foods can be a challenge for any family, but the more informed we are about the repercussions of what we eat, the better choices we can make.

The Nutiva Foundation is proud to contribute to Food and Environmental Activism projects like the film GMO OMG. The Foundation also supports Trees and Gardens. This made Urban Tilth another natural partner because they grow organic fruits and vegetables that they provide locally to underserved communities.


urban tilth – improving food access through urban gardens

Urban Tilth cultivates urban gardens in west Contra Costa County to help communities build a more sustainable, healthy, and just food system. Urban Tilth’s goal is to produce 5% of Richmond’s food supply. According to California Fresh Works, about 33% of the Richmond population live in “critical food access areas.” Creating edible gardens in schools directly addresses the food access concerns of Richmond students and families, while also fostering a culture of healthy eating.


Urban Tilth’s work provides many environmental and socio-economic benefits. They grow affordable and accessible food, restore land, and build beautiful spaces for the community to enjoy. They also offer valuable job training in landscaping for young people.

We are thrilled to launch the Nutiva Foundation because we are passionate about building a better future by nourishing people, supporting strong communities and caring for the planet. To learn more about Nutiva Foundation and the programs we support, or to apply for a grant, visit

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