mct powder 3 ways

Good fats are vital to good health, impacting the metabolism, brain health, weight loss and more. With Nutiva’s Organic medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) supplements, you can add healthy fat to your diet easily and effectively, harnessing the power of medium-chain triglycerides as a fast-acting energy source with considerable functional benefits.

MCTs are fatty acids which break down quickly, efficiently fueling brain and body. They occur naturally in their highest levels in coconut oil. For people seeking their full health benefits, an MCT supplement makes the most sense. MCT supplements isolate C8 and C10, the most rapidly-metabolized MCTs. Nutiva has pioneered the development and production of Certified Organic MCT supplements. We start with ethically-sourced organic coconuts. Utilizing a proprietary process, our Certified Organic MCT Oils and Powders are mechanically processed, gently removing the solid fats from coconut oil, leaving oil with high levels of C8 and C10. Unlike some brands, we never use chemicals or filler oils. Whether you are looking to add an MCT supplement to fuel athletic performance, help regulate weight loss or eat a brain-healthy diet, Nutiva’s Certified Organic MCT product line offers convenient, pure and flavorful ways to get the maximum benefits from MCTs.

3 Ways to Use MCT Powder

Add a scoop of Organic MCT Powder Vanilla to your morning coffee for enhanced mental clarity throughout the day.

Blend Organic MCT Powder Chocolate into your smoothie before a workout for increased performance.

Stir Organic MCT Powder Matcha into your afternoon latte for quick and sustained ketogenic fuel.

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