mct oil vs mct powder: what’s the difference?

As a leader in the natural and organic food space, Nutiva is delighted to introduce the world’s first, organic MCT oil and ! Although our MCT products both start with the same organic coconuts, the final products are different enough to provide you with multiple ways to easily incorporate clean, sustainable energy into your diet.

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Upon harvest, the creamy white meat of the coconut is scooped from the shell by hand, then cold-pressed to create the Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. To create Organic MCT Oil, we slowly chill the virgin coconut oil to separate the solid fats, leaving Organic MCT Oil. To make our Organic MCT Powder, we combine this MCT oil with organic prebiotic acacia fiber before drying with hot air until a fine powder is produced. Learn more about this process HERE.

nutritional value

Both forms of MCT make for great dietary supplements. The Organic MCT Oil has 13g MCTs, 0g trans fat and cholesterol per serving while the Organic MCT Powder has 10g MCTs and 0g carbs per serving. Because the MCT oil is slightly more concentrated, we recommend that you work your way up to a full serving so that you don’t upset your stomach. The powder, on the other hand, is easier on the digestive system and a full serving can be consumed right away.

taste and usage

If you’re looking for a neutral flavor that blends easily into hot and cold beverages, we recommend the MCT powder. Our MCT oil can also be used in beverages but its subtle coconut flavor makes for a versatile oil that’s perfect for fruit smoothies, high protein snacks and even cold soups or salad dressings!

well, what’s the same?

Although the oil and powder are physically different and can be used in different ways, they still have a ton in common. We’re committed to healthier eating and are happy to share that both of these performance products are sourced from organic coconuts. To keep our products as pure as possible, we also avoid adding chemicals, hexane, additives and fillers. Our simple and clean formulas also make both products ketogenic, vegan and paleo friendly!

Both sources of MCTs help promote mental clarity and fat burning while also providing a boost in energy and performance. Learn more or purchase our organic MCT oil and powder at!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We would love to hear in the comments below how you use both the oil and powder in your daily routine.

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