feasting with friends: the joy of building relationships through food

While food is ultimately about survival, it’s also about connecting with others. Coming together to share food is a practice that’s been used throughout history to forge relationships, share stories, provoke laughter and celebrate blessings. When I host a party, my intention is to nurture the association of food with love, health, and a true sense of joy. Coming together over food is a celebration and an opportunity to acknowledge and honor the goodness of others and the gifts of everyday life.

What better way to share friendship and a delicious meal than in the relaxed atmosphere of your own home? The flavors of the food itself are enhanced by the stories shared and the connections formed over the course of a meal, whether it’s with an old friend or a new acquaintance. Both small and large gatherings can be rich and rewarding! Here are four ways to help make it happen –
Make a Date

Finding a time to get together is a challenge for everyone. Put a date on the calendar to set the commitment and allow time to plan.

Choose an Intriguing Menu or Plan a Potluck
Embrace the opportunity to choose a theme or just pick some great new dishes you want to try.

Try Fish Tacos with Red Palm Oil for your next party

Inspire New Healthy Habits
It’s a lot of fun to bring something new to the table that few people have tried. I’ve had great success introducing guests to healthy, delicious dishes that can become the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Create a Festive Mood
Bring something special to the event to add to the entire experience. It could be a colorful pitcher or vase, a favorite place setting or even a seasonal accent from nature (like a twisted branch, seasonal foliage or seashells). Candles add warmth and sparkle. You can even bring the table out to your garden for a memorable dining experience. Explore our Pinterest board Table Decorations {Nature Inspired} for ideas.

Whether you are sharing a meal with old friends or new, the simple act of gathering around a table, creates a sense of community and connection. Studies show that sharing food with others is a crucial factor in maintaining happiness and a sense of belonging. When I invite people to my home for a meal, they are happy and vibrant. Perhaps it’s these moments, woven together that can actually build a healthier physical, social, and emotional fabric over a lifetime. I encourage you to collaborate and make it happen. Perhaps you’ll even start a new habit among friends and family and create memories to cherish for the rest of your life.

Now, tell us. What recipes do you want to share with your friends?

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